Ann Demeulemeester — Photo: Patrick Robyn
Ann Demeulemeester was an instrumental member of the Antwerp Six designers, who stormed London fashion week in 1986, changing the international reputation of Belgian design. The Ann Demeulemeester brand has come to represent an intelligent approach to fashion – rising above trends and instead offering a continually evolving system of dressing that is both deeply personal to the wearer and profoundly relevant to its context – thanks to its integrity and fierce independence. For Ann Demeulemeester, fashion is a form of communication. A complex language of contrasts which covers a whole gamut of emotions. The tension is highly poetic – with clothes that reveal many layers of the «soul». They are simple, the way a knife is simple. Serious but never severe, meticulous but experimental, strong but always sensual. Known for elegant tailoring and dark yet glamorous aesthetic, Ann Demeulemeester creates a serene and darkly romantic world with an intriguing mix of edgy rebellion and sophistication.  Stepping down from her own label in 2013, the brand was acquired by the Antonioli Group in 2020, taking over the brand with great respect for the past and a clear vision for the future.